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/* GS7070.h
   Header file for gs7070 int response handler
#ifndef GS7070_H
#define GS7070_H

/* Piucked at random, I never get more that three controlcodes in a
   row so 20, if there are 20 then somethings gone badly wrong!

Error Codes

#define GSLINEDROP -1
/* line dropped (e.g. you unplugged the modem from the phone line) */
#define GSSYNCERROR -2
/* can happed after a lkine drop? */

typedef struct  /*GSCONTROLREG*/
/* nood to think of a better name for this, it's really
  the GS7070 int control maybe GSControlReg*/
      int count;
      unsigned char match[2];
      unsigned char replace[2];
} GSControlReg;/* GSControlReg;*/

/* Structure to store the information about the current state of the the S7070 */

typedef struct /* GS7070INT */
      /* Current control codes.
         this should -> registers but I don't know hat they are at the moment
      unsigned short controlcodes[CONTROLCODEBUFFERSIZE];

      int controlcodecount; /* how many cuntrol codes on in the buffer */
      int controlseqcount;    
      GSControlReg* replace73; /* what sequence possition are we at (for 73's) */
      GSControlReg* replace53; /* what sequence possition are we at (for 53's) */
      /* Just incase we need information about the current connection */
      int count734D;
      int count7341;
      int sequencecount; /* not used, I have seperate counters for different sequences at the moment! */
      short vid; /* Modem vendor/product codes not in use at the moment */
      short pid;
      short vci;
      short vpi;  
      short annax;
} GS7070int; /* GS7070int */

int gs7070SetControl(GS7070int* gs, unsigned char* buffer);
void gs7070GetResponse(GS7070int* gs,unsigned char* buffer);

GS7070int* allocateGS7070int(void);
GS7070int* allocateGS7070int(void);


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