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  Author : kolja <gava@bergamoblog.it>
  Creation : 29/11/2003
  Licence : GPL

 File       :     $RCSfile: gs7070.h,v $
 Version    :     $Revision: 1.5 $
 Modified by      :     $Author: papillau $ ($Date: 2005/02/23 11:51:51 $)
  GlobeSpan GS7070 Chipset Interface
     cantain all the information related to device 

#ifndef GS7070_H
#define GS7070_H

 *                         (kolja)
 *                 COMMON DEVICE PARAMETERS 
 * (include also modem.h definitions - now it is deprecated)

typedef struct  /* GS7070ControlReg */
/* nood to think of a better name for this, it's really
  the GS7070 int control maybe GSControlReg*/
      int count;
      unsigned char match[2];
      unsigned char replace[2];
} GS7070ControlReg; /* GS7070ControlReg */

/* Structure to store the information about the current state of the the S7070 */

typedef struct /* GS7070ControlINT */
      /* Current control codes.
         this should -> registers but I don't know hat they are at the moment
      unsigned short controlcodes[CONTROLCODEBUFFERSIZE];
      int controlcodecount; /* how many cuntrol codes on in the buffer */
      int controlseqcount;    
      GS7070ControlReg* replace73; /* what sequence possition are we at (for 73's) */
      GS7070ControlReg* replace53; /* what sequence possition are we at (for 53's) */
      /* Just incase we need information about the current connection */
      int count734D;
      int count7341;
      int sequencecount; /* not used, I have seperate counters for different sequences at the moment! */
      short vid; /* Modem vendor/product codes not in use at the moment */
      short pid;
      short vci;
      short vpi;  
      short annax;
} GS7070ControlINT; /* GS7070ControlINT */

void gs7070InitParams(void);
int gs7070SetControl(unsigned char* buffer);
void gs7070GetResponse(unsigned char* buffer);
GS7070ControlReg* allocategs7070ctlreg(char matchhi, char matchlow, char replacehi, char replacelow);
void deallocategs7070ctlreg(GS7070ControlReg* gscr);
void allocateGS7070int(void);
void deallocateGS7070int(void);
void getAal5HeaderStructure7070(const unsigned char* aal5Header,
                                struct aal5_header_st* aal5HeaderOut);


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