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#include <stdint.h>           /* uint*_t */

#define __u8 uint8_t
#define __u16 uint16_t
#define __u32 uint32_t

/* from <linux/usb.h> */

 * USB directions
#define USB_DIR_OUT                 0           /* to device */
#define USB_DIR_IN                  0x80        /* to host */

/* from <linux/usb_ch9.h> */
struct usb_device_descriptor {
      __u8  bLength;
      __u8  bDescriptorType;

      __u16 bcdUSB;
      __u8  bDeviceClass;
      __u8  bDeviceSubClass;
      __u8  bDeviceProtocol;
      __u8  bMaxPacketSize0;
      __u16 idVendor;
      __u16 idProduct;
      __u16 bcdDevice;
      __u8  iManufacturer;
      __u8  iProduct;
      __u8  iSerialNumber;
      __u8  bNumConfigurations;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

#define USB_DT_DEVICE_SIZE          18

/* from <linux/usbdevice_fs.h> */

/* usbdevfs ioctl codes */

struct usbdevfs_ctrltransfer {
      __u8 bRequestType;
      __u8 bRequest;
      __u16 wValue;
      __u16 wIndex;
      __u16 wLength;
      __u32 timeout;  /* in milliseconds */
      void *data;

struct usbdevfs_bulktransfer {
      unsigned int ep;
      unsigned int len;
      unsigned int timeout; /* in milliseconds */
      void *data;

struct usbdevfs_setinterface {
      unsigned int interface;
      unsigned int altsetting;

struct usbdevfs_disconnectsignal {
      unsigned int signr;
      void *context;

#define USBDEVFS_URB_SHORT_NOT_OK          1
#define USBDEVFS_URB_ISO_ASAP              2
/* not supported by 2.6.x kernels */
#define USBDEVFS_URB_QUEUE_BULK            0x10

#define USBDEVFS_URB_TYPE_ISO          0
#define USBDEVFS_URB_TYPE_BULK               3

struct usbdevfs_iso_packet_desc {
      unsigned int length;
      unsigned int actual_length;
      unsigned int status;

struct usbdevfs_urb {
      unsigned char type;
      unsigned char endpoint;
      int status;
      unsigned int flags;
      void *buffer;
      int buffer_length;
      int actual_length;
      int start_frame;
      int number_of_packets;
      int error_count;
      unsigned int signr;  /* signal to be sent on error, -1 if none should be sent */
      void *usercontext;
      struct usbdevfs_iso_packet_desc iso_frame_desc[0];

/* ioctls for talking directly to drivers */
struct usbdevfs_ioctl {
      int   ifno;       /* interface 0..N ; negative numbers reserved */
      int   ioctl_code; /* MUST encode size + direction of data so the
                         * macros in <asm/ioctl.h> give correct values */
      void  *data;            /* param buffer (in, or out) */

#define USBDEVFS_CONTROL           _IOWR('U', 0, struct usbdevfs_ctrltransfer)
#define USBDEVFS_BULK              _IOWR('U', 2, struct usbdevfs_bulktransfer)
#define USBDEVFS_RESETEP           _IOR('U', 3, unsigned int)
#define USBDEVFS_SETINTERFACE      _IOR('U', 4, struct usbdevfs_setinterface)
#define USBDEVFS_SETCONFIGURATION  _IOR('U', 5, unsigned int)
#define USBDEVFS_GETDRIVER         _IOW('U', 8, struct usbdevfs_getdriver)
#define USBDEVFS_SUBMITURB         _IOR('U', 10, struct usbdevfs_urb)
#define USBDEVFS_DISCARDURB        _IO('U', 11)
#define USBDEVFS_REAPURB           _IOW('U', 12, void *)
#define USBDEVFS_REAPURBNDELAY     _IOW('U', 13, void *)
#define USBDEVFS_DISCSIGNAL        _IOR('U', 14, struct usbdevfs_disconnectsignal)
#define USBDEVFS_CLAIMINTERFACE    _IOR('U', 15, unsigned int)
#define USBDEVFS_RELEASEINTERFACE  _IOR('U', 16, unsigned int)
#define USBDEVFS_CONNECTINFO       _IOW('U', 17, struct usbdevfs_connectinfo)
#define USBDEVFS_IOCTL             _IOWR('U', 18, struct usbdevfs_ioctl)
#define USBDEVFS_HUB_PORTINFO      _IOR('U', 19, struct usbdevfs_hub_portinfo)
#define USBDEVFS_RESET             _IO('U', 20)
#define USBDEVFS_CLEAR_HALT        _IOR('U', 21, unsigned int)
#define USBDEVFS_DISCONNECT        _IO('U', 22)
#define USBDEVFS_CONNECT           _IO('U', 23)

#undef __u8
#undef __u16
#undef __u32

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